T1000 3M

T1000 3M

Current lead time is 4-6 weeks

2 x Dyadic 100mm actuators located at the front of the chassis for dynamic movements.
	Traction loss system to replicate rear end loss of grip
	Adjustable seat brackets
	Adjustable and tiltable pedal plate
	Pre-Drilled steering wheel plate suitable for belt driven or Direct Drive wheels
	Extremely robust metal frame 
	2 Year Warranty
	Available with or without seat
	Options of actuator upgrades to PRS 200 actuators with upto 200mm travel

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  • Whats Included

    • T100 Chassis
    • Motion Platform
    • 3 Actuators
    • Controllers and cables
    • SIMTOOLS license (with PRS200 actuators)
  • Dimensions

    • Length 140cm
    • Width 99cm
    • Height Approx 130cm
    • Weight 85KG